Marketing is a lot like racing. It takes the right combination of components - including an experienced driver and crew - to make it to the finish line first. And regardless of the strategy, you want to be sure there's enough horsepower under the hood to push through the pack when you have to.

Success in marketing is like winning a race. To do it, you plan your moves in advance. You spot weaknesses and potential problems, going in. Knowledge and experience are the dual advantage your competitors can't beat.

Being there first, with the best; that's what we do here at DJ&F International. We're a team of marketing professionals with experience in magazine publishing, motorsports, street performance, restoration, and most other forms of enthusiast motoring activities. We understand the needs of new and established marketers… and the dynamics of product distribution.

DJ&F International has the ability to design a complete marketing program based on your specific needs. Our involvement with the media builds awareness at the most critical point; the primary source of product, information for your potential customers.

When you work with DJ&F, you'll learn from the start that we've taken the time to learn about your products, and that we share that knowledge with influential editors at respected publications. With DJ&F you'll get results. No hype, no inflated statistics about "reach and frequency", just a stronger, more viable image for your company.

And that's what successful marketing is all about.