DJ & F International has "Full Throttle Marketing Power"  Do YOU ?

It’s one thing to develop a great product, and it's another to market it properly.

Our experience shows that each ingredient in a fully realized marketing program is critical to success. In other words, you have to know what to say and how to say it. You have to reach the media first, capture their interest, and get them to convey your message to their readers. After all, that's where your customers do their shopping.

DJ&F is a complete marketing firm. We're trusted by leading manufacturers from a variety of aftermarket product segments. From road racing to off-roading, supercharging to towing, and classics to recreational vehicles, DJ&F covers the field like no one else can.

It all comes down to influence. Knowledgeable editors look to us for tips on the hottest new products. We work with them regularly to establish strong working relationships. They know that when they want a totally outrageous project vehicle, that's just what we'll give them.

Now, a reputation like that doesn't come easy. It takes the right clients, great products, and full-time involvement in your target market. It means you're there for the long haul.

From the initial survey and strategy meeting, to research, photography and creative... we're there to make sure everything is done right. It's our job to build your business and increase your profits.

Above all, we stay in the race until the flag is down.